La IV Edition

‘La Via dei Concerti’ is a travelling music festival that brings together young musicians and singers from all over the world in the name of interculturalism.


During this festival, young instrumentalists from diverse socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, both from European and non-European countries, gather to form a single and integrated whole as members of a unique orchestral and choral ensemble.


La via dei concerti, Fourth edition EXPO 2015

La via dei concerti, Fourth edition Trento

La via dei concerti 2015, 4th Edition

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    The Festival provides to young musicians a unique opportunity to share with one another their artistic experiences and live values in times when society is not always supportive of artistic endeavors. The young players bring with them their diverse ethnic backgrounds and their desire to join efforts as they search for a just, balanced society, a society that nurtures sensitivity, harmony, peace, and coexistence and looks forward to a future of universal integration.


    The Via dei Concerti is an intercultural, itinerant

    youth music festival


    Youth from many countries, European and extra-European, with their own diverse socioeconomic and cultural origin, come together as a choir and orchestra in a musical project that occurs in two phases:

    1. Integration and practice, in places such as Casa Montagna in Ferriere (first two editions of the Festival) and “La Collina” in Trento (third edition).

    2. Presentation of the artistic product in a concert tour in Italy and abroad.


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La via dei concerti, Third edition

La pasión según San Marcos

Trento - Italia